Coaching Technology

We all have many different digital resources available to us that can help elevate the impact and effectiveness of the feedback we give our Athletes.  Not all coaches prefer this method of teaching, but this page is for those who are willing and interested in picking up some ideas.  

Episode 1: 



In this Introduction Episode we go over a couple of features of the iPad that can be used within a practice. 

Lets begin by taking full advantage of an App that will already be on any iPad right out of its packaging.  The Youtube App can be used to instantly search and view skill and highlight videos that demonstrate proper technique of the skills (requires internet connection). If you are looking for some source videos to use, check out our Youtube Channel: VCDM1 which is easily accessible on an iPad (These videos be viewed in a more organized manner HERE). Another option is to search for your favourite University team. Many coaches of College and University teams like to post highlight videos of their athletes performing skills and drills. Experiement with it and see what you can find!

Also featured in this episode we scratch the surface of the benefits of the built-in Camera (iPad generation 2 and up) and an App called VideoPix ($.99 on the app store).  This application allows a coach (or another athlete) to film an individual and break down their skills. Once the skill has been filmed a couple of times, you can instantly play it back in real time, slow motion, or frame by frame to properly analyse their technique. This can be monitored and viewed with a coach, or sometimes just as effectively, watched by the individual themselves so that they see what they actually look like as they perform the skill. Players don't always fully understand feedback given until they can visually see if for themselves. Slow motion replay is a great tool for teaching systems and tactics as well.  

Take a look at the video and watch how Ryan Adams, our Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence coach in Langley, BC is using the iPad to coach his players!


And Keep an eye out for more Videos soon!


*Coaching Technologies such as the use of the iPad do not fit into the style of all coaches, nor do they need to. The examples that we provide are merely tools and ideas that can be built upon to improve the overall effectiveness of you as a coach.

If you find that these ideas were useful for you, or if you have some other ideas you think we should know about, we would love to hear about it, please email us at