Practice Plans & Drill Bank - Beach

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VCDM believes in investing in Community Leaders.  Below are some resources, tools and drills to support coaches.  If you would like to share a resource or video please send us a note at:  


Drill Bank

  • 14U 4 Corner Star DrillPlay

    14U 4 Corner Star Drill

    Simple warmup drill for athletes to run through individually.
  • 14U Footwork DoublesPlay

    14U Footwork Doubles

    2 v 2 warmup game where athletes catch instead of pass the ball in an underarmed position, promoting foot speed and movement
  • 14U Shoulder Warm-UpPlay

    14U Shoulder Warm-Up

    Simple attacking warmup drill that work on should flexibility and off shoulder and cut shots
  • 14U Short CourtPlay

    14U Short Court

    1v1 or 2v2 quick warmup games on modified small courts
  • 14U Peel RepsPlay

    14U Peel Reps

    A simple blocking drill where athletes dig a ball after working on peeling footwork
  • 14U Chase the LinePlay

    14U Chase the Line

    A defensive drill where athletes focus solely on chasing balls that are hit over the block to the far corner
  • 14U 2 Person Digging RepsPlay

    14U 2 Person Digging Reps

    A defence and attacking drill where athletes are tossed balls to attack and defenders much dig 10 balls from a scramble position
  • 14U Dig and ChasePlay

    14U Dig and Chase

    A defensive drill where athletes dig a hard driven ball followed quickly by chasing another down
  • 14U Beach ScramblePlay

    14U Beach Scramble

    A 2 v 2 game with a coach introducing a new ball each time the play dies
  • 14U Best of 3Play

    14U Best of 3

    2 vs 2 game with a high quantity of touches outside of serve receive
  • 14U Beach TennisPlay

    14U Beach Tennis

    Fun 2 vs 2 game that focusses on movement around the court and forearm passing
  • 14U Game PlanPlay

    14U Game Plan

    2 vs 2 game with official rules, discussing with each team their strategy and at the end how well they accomplished it