Practice Plans & Drill Bank - Beach

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Drill Bank

  • 16U Skyball WarmupPlay

    16U Skyball Warmup

    Warmup serving drill where athletes catch their own serves before they hit the ground
  • 16U ChallengerPlay

    16U Challenger

    3 phase 2v2 warmup drill where athletes progress through skills as they warm up
  • 16U Trick Your PartnerPlay

    16U Trick Your Partner

    Partner passing drill where athlete must play the ball in the opposite manner of what their partner calls ("bump or set")
  • 16U Touch ControlPlay

    16U Touch Control

    Solo contact drill where athletes work individually on a variety of skills
  • 16U W PassingPlay

    16U W Passing

    Partner passing reps drill moving across the face of the net before attacking the ball
  • 16U Simple Serving RepsPlay

    16U Simple Serving Reps

    Serving reps drill with 2 static passers to create accurate seems. Passer may not move their feet as they attempt to pass balls that come near them.
  • 16U Simple Passing RepsPlay

    16U Simple Passing Reps

    Serving and Passing drill where athletes rep serve receive situations
  • 16U Force them BackPlay

    16U Force them Back

    Serving strategy drill to push passers deep
  • 16U Setter Hitter CommunicationPlay

    16U Setter Hitter Communication

    Setter/Attacker drill where the pair must communicate effectively to hit the ball to the open court against a 2 person defence
  • 16U Watch your PartnerPlay

    16U Watch your Partner

    Attacking drill working on seeing the defender before attacking and reacting to their movements
  • 16U Court VisionPlay

    16U Court Vision

    Setter/Attacker continuous drill where coach inputs a ball across the net while roaming the court and the pair must accurately attack it back to the coaches arms
  • 16U Primary Setting RepsPlay

    16U Primary Setting Reps

    Simple setting drill where 1 setter sets consecutive balls for a variety of different passer and attackers
  • 16U Blocker Quadrant DigsPlay

    16U Blocker Quadrant Digs

    Blocker drill focused on situations where the ball is attacked short and blocker is able to jump, land, turn and dig the ball to their defender
  • 16U Cut Role ReadsPlay

    16U Cut Role Reads

    Defenders drill where athlete works to read the attacker and react to the attack chasing the ball either to the cross court line or over blocker role
  • 16U Blocker Peel DecisionsPlay

    16U Blocker Peel Decisions

    Blocking decision drill where athlete decides, based on the opponents set whether to stay and block or peel off the net
  • 16U Dig and ChasePlay

    16U Dig and Chase

    Defenders drill where athletes dig a hard driven attack and then chase a second ball
  • 16U 2 Chance Kings (Queens)Play

    16U 2 Chance Kings (Queens)

    Multi athlete drill with athletes in teams of 2. Athletes on kings(or queens) side of the court score points until one opponent stops them twice
  • 16U Double or NothingPlay

    16U Double or Nothing

    2 v 2 game where a simple free ball is entered after each point to winning team. Point is awarded only if they win the second ball as well.
  • 16U 3 ChoicesPlay

    16U 3 Choices

    2 vs 2 Game with alternating serve and 2 downballs. Work on a variety of different attacks.
  • 16U Off the NetPlay

    16U Off the Net

    2 vs 2 game focusing on peeling defence and attacking off the net sets