Practice Plans & Drill Bank - Beach

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Drill Bank

  • 19U 3 Person PepperPlay

    19U 3 Person Pepper

    A simple warmup drill where 2 athletes play pepper with 1 setter for both.
  • 19U 3 Contact PepperPlay

    19U 3 Contact Pepper

    A simple 2 person warmup drill where each athlete used 3 consecutive contacts.
  • 19U Cut and RolesPlay

    19U Cut and Roles

    A 4 person controlled warmup drill where one side hits only line roles, and the other only cross court cuts
  • 19U Sand is LavaPlay

    19U Sand is Lava

    A fun warmup game where every contact must be made with feet off the sand.
  • 19U Cross Court Self RepsPlay

    19U Cross Court Self Reps

    A simple warmup drill designed to promote control and get legs moving
  • 19U Server MixupPlay

    19U Server Mixup

    A simple serving drill, alternating between a variety of different serves consecutively
  • 19U Split the PasserPlay

    19U Split the Passer

    A serving/passing drill focusing on passing (and serving) serves directed at the seam from different locations on the baseline
  • 19U Reverse PassingPlay

    19U Reverse Passing

    A Passing drill designed to rep athletes using their underarm to pass balls moving over their head to the deep corners
  • 19U Passing Movement RepsPlay

    19U Passing Movement Reps

    A passing reps drill designed to give quick reps before leading into a full attack
  • 19U Pass to WinPlay

    19U Pass to Win

    A 2 v 2 game with adjusted side out rule in which one player is served until they fail to side out.
  • 19U Serve Receive 10Play

    19U Serve Receive 10

    A 2 v 2 game where athletes are singled out to work on serve receive consistency