• Blocking Basics by 'Lupo' Ludwig

    Nov 18, 2011

    Blocking Basics by ‘Lupo’ Ludwig

    BLOCKING BASICS – by Lupo Ludwig, Head Coach - Sr. Women’s National Team

    I always like it when my team gets a good block. When the ball hits the floor before the attacker lands, it can change the game.
    The block is the first defensive action of a team against the attacking team. Like in a lot of the basic techniques, I tell my players you need quick feet and quiet arms.

    Quick Feet:
    If you need to move, get fast to the position where you want to block.

    Outside blockers don’t drift. You want to help the middles to close the block.

    Middles can sometimes drift to close the block.

    Quiet Arms:
    First get both hands quick over the net. Reach straight over, do not go high and then over. When you have your hands in this position, keep your arms quiet. Leave your arms stretched even when you are landing. You might not get the stuff block but if your opponent hits the ball late you might get a good touch.

    A big mistake is when players want to swing at the ball. Let the ball do the work.

    Core Strength:
    To keep your arms quiet you need a stable core position in the air. Your whole body should be involved in the block; abs, arms and fingers are tight. A good drill for this is to stand close to a wall, block jump and press your fingers and your toes against the wall.


    All the Best!