• The Jump Float Serve by Scott Koskie

    Sep 27, 2011

    The Jump Float Serve by Scott Koskie

    The Jump Float Serve - by Scott Koskie, Sr. Women's National Team Assistant Coach

    There are many players that use this serve right now at all levels and it can be very effective when done properly.  Too often however, the "jump" part gets overlooked and it becomes more of a "hop" serve which is very easy to receive.

    Think of it like a spike approach and accelerate into the ball aiming to contact the ball at the highest point you can before it starts to descend.  If you have sufficient power from your approach and jump, you won't have to worry about the ball clearing the net and it will float more.

    I used the phrase "good jump" as part of my pre-serve routine to help me remember what the most important part of my serve was.  No matter the score or where I was asked to serve, I felt if I had an explosive jump, I could put in a good aggressive serve.