• The Overhead Pass by Scott Koskie

    Oct 03, 2011

    The Overhead Pass by Scott Koskie

    The Overhead Pass - by Scott Koskie, Sr. Women's National Team Assistant Coach 

    Even though you are passing the ball with you hands, you need good foot position.  Too often passers can get lazy because it is easier to reach outside your midline to receive a ball when you are passing overhand.  Similar to underhand serve receiving, good body position behind the ball is essential for a quality pass. 

    Passing with your hands can give a receiver an advantage on a higher float serve by allowing you to stand farther up in the court to take away the deep serve. Some players also find it easier to receive with their hands and then swing outside to hit but this is only effective if they are balanced with their body behind the ball when they are receiving.

    When the overhand serve receive rule was first introduced, one of our middle blockers would stand at 3 and half meters and take everything that was flat and low to the net.  It was hard to serve because he was 6'9" and good with his feet so there wasn't much court left to serve at.